Love Heroically


The Saint’s Journey:

Is HUMAN and INCARNATE in that God can be found in what is good, true and beautiful. We see God in art and literature, vividly in Creation, perfectly in Jesus Christ and also in the lives of the canonized saints, the heroes of virtue. Recognizing the good, the true and the beautiful in the world helps us to see God in our own lives.

Is a PILGRIMAGE in that it requires us to live a life of virtue and to leave old things, dead things and sinful things behind (conversion and detachment), to pick up and carry our cross (suffering) and to be open to doing God's will and receiving God’s gifts (grace, beatitude). We have the Sacraments and prayer to sustain us on the journey and the examples of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and those saints who came before us as our guides.

Is UNIVERSAL and TRANSCENDENT in that, though we are individual Christian pilgrims, we are also members of the pilgrim Church, the Body of Christ. As pilgrims, we follow the way of the cross and agape love to the heavenly banquet. We are not alone on the journey. God’s hand of divine providence guides us, we support each other in the Church community and the angels and saints in heaven cheer us on as we run the race toward our goal.